Appraiser Overview

Principal appraisers play an important role in student achievement by providing principals with the guidance and feedback they need to be balanced, effective leaders. Your purpose is to give principals an objective, standards-based evaluation they can use to guide their own professional growth and development. By communicating the standards of T-PESS with fairness, transparency, and constructive feedback, you are helping redefine and strengthen the larger system of educator quality and effectiveness in Texas.

Dive in to each of the sections below to discover the fundamentals of T-PESS and what they mean for you.

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Evaluation Process

The T-PESS process is most successful when you apply it systematically and consistently. To support the principals' ongoing development, the supervisory system consists of seven steps that the principal and you will complete together throughout the school calendar year. Ultimately, this process is intended to promote the principals' professional development, thus improving their effectiveness as the school leader.

Timeline & Schedule

It is important to establish a timeline of when specific activities should be completed related to the supervisory process. This will assist you in easily keeping track of and achieving the benefits of T-PESS.

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Roles & Expectations

Your responsibilities as a principal appraiser are inextricably linked with the T-PESS system. For T-PESS to be effective, stakeholders such as yourself must know and understand your roles and expectations.

Texas Principal Standards

The Texas Principal Standards imply what principals should know and do in order to improve school productivity and increase student achievements. Using these five standards as a guide, principals will have the opportunity to continually reflect upon and improve their effectiveness as a leader throughout their careers.

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T-PESS Rubric Design

At the foundation of the process is the T-PESS rubric, developed by the Texas Principal Evaluation Steering Committee to align with the Texas Principal Standards. With four main growth-oriented components, its purpose is to give principals a list of practices that can improve instructional quality, school productivity, and student achievement.

T-PESS Rubric Design
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Instructions for Completing T-PESS

T-PESS was designed to give principals proper guidance as you support their professional growth and development, which will ultimately benefit student success.

Principals will take several steps over the course of the school year, including T-PESS training and orientation, completing a Self-Assessment, composing a professional development plan, and setting improvement goals—all to support their continual development as balanced, effective leaders.